Edmund Xin
My Work
Secret Company
Software Engineer, Mar 2024
I will be starting as a C++ developer on the Recommendation Architecture team in March 2024.

Software Engineering Intern, May 2023 — Aug 2023
During my second internship at Apple, I worked on network infrastructure that was crucial to maintaining wifi networks at Apple corporate offices and Apple stores.

Software Engineering Intern, Aug 2022 — Dec 2022
I was a full stack intern for Tesla's Supply Chain Automation team. I worked on an application that helps Global Supply Managers analyze part prices which can help provide information for price negotiation. These tools help to reduce costs throughout the supply chain which allows for cheaper product for Tesla customers.

Software Engineering Intern, May 2022 — Aug 2022
At Apple, I worked on a no-code tool written in Vue which would allow Apple Business Stakeholders create their own chat widget to integrate with their website. This drag-and-drop tool configures the design and then a JavaScript SDK it imported into the HTML file which will make the chat window appear.

Software Engineering Intern, Aug 2021 — Dec 2021
Streamr Network is a decentralized pub/sub network built on the Ethereum cryptocurrency. The network is made up of thousands of operator nodes which provide computing power and a path for real-time data to travel. As an intern, I was tasked to create a chat application that would utilize the Streamr Network to demonstrate potential use cases.
Software Engineer