Edmund Xin

Incoming SWE @ TikTok | CS @ Georgia Tech


At Apple, I worked on a no-code tool written in Vue which would allow Apple Business Stakeholders create their own chat widget to integrate with their website. This drag-and-drop tool configures the design and then a JavaScript SDK it imported into the HTML file which will make the chat window appear.

May 2023 - Aug 2023


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Aug 2022 - Dec 2023


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I was a full stack intern for Tesla's Supply Chain Automation team. I worked on an application that helps Global Supply Managers analyze part prices which can help provide information for price negotiation. These tools help to reduce costs throughout the supply chain which allows for cheaper product for Tesla customers.

May 2021 - Aug 2021


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Streamr Network is a decentralized pub/sub network built on the Ethereum cryptocurrency. The network is made up of thousands of operator nodes which provide computing power and a path for real-time data to travel. As an intern, I was tasked to create a chat application that would utilize the Streamr Network to demostrate potential use cases.


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HexLabs organizes programming events at Georgia Tech, including our flagship event HackGT which sees 3200+ applicants and 1500+ participants.


Project Lead

Currently leading the migration of our hardware checkout system, including updating our API and frontend.

January 2022

Backend Developer

Centralized backend of projects into one monorepo to support all HexLabs applications.

Feburary 2021

Frontend Developer

Worked on HexLab's project judging system to display table data.

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Bits of Good pairs development teams with non-profit organizations to create web applications to support their cause. We also maintain internal applications like GT Scheduler and Bits of Good Component Library.


Engineering Manager

Leading Bits of Good's internal tools team which maintains GT Scheduler and maintenance requests for previous projects.

August 2022

Product Maintenance

Bits of Good internal team which maintains handed off projects and internal tools.

January 2022

Boys and Girls Club of Metro Atlanta

Developer for mobile app to keep track of bus transportation of elementary school students to Boys and Girls Club locations.

September 2021

Healthy Families Healthy Future

Developed website that focuses on providing affordable and healthy recipes for families in need.

Technologies I Love

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JavaScript Library

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JavaScript runtime

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Very cool editor

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Tailwind CSS

CSS styling library

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Scripting Language

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JavaScript Library


Lightweight backend library

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Staticlly Typed JavaScript


React state management and data fetching

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